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Decentralized cross-chain virtual world

Our mission

Spaceborne’s mission is to deliver a multi-chain universe in the heart of the blockchain and metaverse community that offers users a futuristic sci-fi 2D web-based strategy and management game alongside 3D-based gameplay. By participating in gameplay, players can earn a virtual in-game currency which they can use to advance their position in-game or exchange for an external token value.

Spaceborne is able to deliver such a game by having an experienced team in blockchain technology, game development, and the play and earn sector. Likewise, the earning aspect of Spaceborne has been made possible due to the highly robust economic model created by the team that ultimately focuses on revenue generation rather than revenue distribution. Spaceborne is backed by a comprehensive development plan that places significance in developing monetized game assets to support the longevity of the project. The Spaceborne team aims to contribute innovation in the metaverse community by bringing together talented people that combine creativity and passion towards gaming, the sci-fi genre, and blockchain technology.

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The team envisions Spaceborne as a multi-chain project, but also as a project that offers a game as a service for other projects. In this sense, Spaceborne offers an element that is unique and largely unseen or unheard of in the metaverse scene. Spaceborne’s ability to facilitate the development of other projects expands the vision of the project and team. Likewise, Spaceborne also envisions the project as one which facilitates the use of 2D and 3D gameplay, to accomodate a wide audience of both players and investors interested in joining our universe.

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