Basic [8]
  • How can I get whitelisted?

    The whitelisting process has not yet started. To achieve the best chance of getting involved in the whitelisting for Spaceborne, make sure to follow all our social media. The team will post announcements soon regarding whitelisting and waiting queues to get a chance of being whitelisted.

  • What types of NFT Spaceships are available in the Spaceborne Universe?

    In the Spaceborne Universe, there are a variety of NFT spaceships players can purchase. These include mining spaceships such as the Salvage Team and Asteroid Hunter series that collect scrap and resources from asteroids across the universe. There are cargo leasing service ships like the Hermes Cargo and discovery spaceships like the Explorer which can travel across the universe discovering a diverse range of planets.

  • What classifications of NFT Planets are available in the Spaceborne Universe?

    In the Spaceborne Universe, there are 8 classifications of NFT planets that can be discovered, auctioned, sold, transferred and bought on the Spaceborne marketplace. In order of rarity, these include Class D, H, I, N, Y, T, M, and M planets. Each planet is uniquely different and has certain characteristics which explain its rarity and purpose for a range of interests by players willing to create civilizations across the universe.

  • What types of asteroids or salvage can I find across the Spaceborne Universe?

    Asteroids and scrap are classified under a rarity system. This includes common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary. This rarity system is also used for some assets across the Spaceborne universe. Each different rarity of asteroids, scrap and assets are unique and may look different and hold different values of resources.

  • How can I start playing Spaceborne?

    The Spaceborne 3D Game is currently in development with a Q2 release date. The 2D Web-Based Game is releasing in Q2 2022 very soon – this will allow players to start playing with assets.

  • Which token do I buy?

    The SOLIS token is the primary rewards token that is used for purchases via the Spaceborne marketplace. As such, the SOLIS token is the token to purchase that will assist with the on-ramping of players into the game. Players can learn more about token utility and tokenomics in the gtibook whitepaper.

  • When and what level of CEX is the Spaceborne Team planning on achieving?

    The Spaceborne Team have targeted quarter 2 of 2022 for a tier 2 CEX integration and DEX integration with PancakeSwap and well as other DEXs.

  • What differentiates Spaceborne’s Play-To-Earn Universe from other projects?

    Spaceborne offers a unique approach to the play-to-earn metaverse sector. Spaceborne offers a well balanced play-to-earn economy with a range of economic features that ensure the stability of the game and economy across market conditions. Spaceborne offers a project that has been fully audited for its security on the blockchain and provides substantial transparency for players and investors through publicised developer wallets. Spaceborne offers a multi-chain project and even offers aspects of the game as a service for other projects. Spaceborne delivers 2D web-based gameplay and 3D gameplay catering to different types of players depending on their preference. Lastly, Spaceborne has an experienced team that value feedback and suggestions by our community, we endeavour to create and develop Spaceborne alongside the players and investors – which is why a dual-token model facilitates a decentralised autonomous government (DAO) has been used to form this project.

Economy [2]
  • What Blockchain does Spaceborne operate on?

    Spaceborne currently operates on the Binance Smart Chain with the Polygon chain integration under development – making Spaceborne a truly multi-chain metaverse game.

  • How can I mine the $SOLIS tokens?

    Players can mine the $SOLIS token by purchasing any of Spacebornes’ NFT assets including NFT spaceships, planets, star alliance membership cards, battling against other planets, and competing and winning in spaceships races within the 3D game component.

Community and vision [4]
  • Where can I follow development updates and bug fixes/patches to the game?

    Spaceborne development updates and or bug fixes and patches are best followed through the official Spaceborne Discord Server which delivers news, updates, and patches promptly to the Spaceborne community. Players can also find development updates on the Spaceborne YouTube channel.

  • Where can I find tutorials and guides on Spaceborne?

    The Spaceborne Team provides an abundance of resources and guides for players to enable them easily integrate into the game as players or investors. For guides and tutorials, the Gitbook serves as a portal and information hub for on-ramping players and investors.

  • What is Spaceborne’s mission?

    Spaceborne’s mission is to create a multi-chain metaverse game that is centred around a balanced play-to-earn economy and an ambitious roadmap. Spaceborne is not meant to be like any other play-to-earn game that offers unstainable earning models and a severe lack of economic features and responsibility. Spaceborne aims to deliver a unique play and earn experience through an off-chain in-game resource earning model where players can primarily earn resources that players can use to advance their position in-game or chose to exchange to the game’s native earning token.

  • What is the true vision of the Spaceborne Team?

    The team envisions Spaceborne as a multi-chain project, but also as a project that offers a game as a service for other projects. In this sense, Spaceborne offers an element that is unique and largely unseen or unheard of in the metaverse scene. Spaceborne’s ability to facilitate the development of other projects expands the vision of the project and team. Likewise, Spaceborne also envisions the project as one which facilitates the use of 2D and 3D gameplay, to accommodate a wide audience of both players and investors interested in joining our universe.

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